Before launching Sidecar Solutions, Tom and Chris spent more than two decades in the construction industry and know the challenges facing both families and contractors.

The best contractors and designers are constantly seeking to improve the construction experience for their clients, building their own reputations and helping the family in the process. At Sidecar, we want to partner with like-minded professionals to make sure that families have the opportunity to experience the reduced stress and improved quality of life that comes with having a portable kitchen during the renovation process.

If you are an interior designer, contractor, or other construction professional that is interested in providing your clients with a Sidecar Solutions portable kitchen, we encourage you to contact us about our Contractor Program.

Email us at [email protected] with your information and we will get back to you with pricing and more information on this awesome problem-solving solution.

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What Do We Do?

We provide portable kitchen units to people that find themselves without use of their own kitchen.

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Our portable kitchens are high-quality and designed by an interior designer, ensuring that you feel right at home in your temporary kitchen and dining room.

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Will you be without a kitchen in the future? Book now to enjoy a hassle free dining experience.

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